About Lauren

Lauren Baumann Frisco is running for Loyalsock Township Supervisor as a first-time candidate. Lauren and her husband, Doug, moved to the Williamsport area in 2012 and bought their first home in Loyalsock in 2014.

Lauren has a Bachelor of Arts in History and a Master of Divinity degree from the Earlham School of Religion. Upon arriving to the area, Lauren worked for Novitas Solutions as an Appeals Representative. She also worked for several years as a paralegal and as a youth group leader. Currently, Lauren is a regular volunteer with the Pre-School at St. Luke’s in Williamsport. 

Loyalsock is an ideal place to raise a family. As a parent of two young children, Lauren is especially focused on Loyalsock’s future.

Lauren’s vision for the future of Loyalsock includes:

  • Strengthening pedestrian and vehicular safety on East Third Street. This could include improving crosswalks and other traffic calming measures. 
  • Encouraging simple, inexpensive landscaping measures to better control stormwater and enhance the look of our commercial areas. 
  • Promoting further development of youth-focused recreation. Bring back more low-tech, low-cost options for families, like a roller-skating rink or miniature golf course.
  • Planning for the installation of electric automobile charging stations.

Loyalsock Township Supervisors have nurtured a community that has prospered. Lauren would like to have a seat at the table, to help continue efforts to improve our area.